Endurance in Sports: Are Athletics Getting More Competitive?

So often we hear traditions that interest us: eat pasta the night before the lacrosse game on Saturday. Drink a vitamin water during the game to keep your electrolytes up. Eat a candy bar to up your blood sugar right before the big game.

What are these for? To make sure your child is at tip top shape for the big game!

Parents, please note: a child’s diet is the number one factor in determining healthy living habits in his/her adult life.

But has this changed? Why are our young athletes getting so good???



And what do we mean by diet? Is kale chips enough? Less carbohydrates? More carbohydrates? Is more protein necessary? How do we eat for endurance? Antioxidants? Sugar?

It’s a particular topic of discussion, and one that is challenged left and right by new studies, geographical bias, and personal choice.

I was watching Sports Science on ESPN yesterday, and a thought came to me. It’s just incomprehensible. It’s amazing. Every year, our athletes are getting faster. Stronger. Better. Why is this? The trend isn’t decreasing.

If you look at the history of sports in the last century, there’s more than enough evidence to prove this (I did in fact look up sports facts).

David Epstein, a Sports Illustrated reporter, gave a Ted Talk on this very subject! And what his conclusion is this

Changing technology, changing genes, and a changing mindset. Innovation in sports, whether that’s new track surfaces or new swimming techniques, the democratization of sport, the spread to new bodies and to new populations around the world, and imagination in sport, an understanding of what the human body is truly capable of, have conspired to make athletes stronger, faster, bolder, and better than ever.


The answer then, comes down to this: We are eating right. Exercising enough. Preparing our brains well in advance for the best performance we can give.

This generation will produce the best athletes in the history of the world. That right there, is nothing short than amazing.



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