SUMMER CAMP: We’re getting ready!!!! ARE YOU?

I remember going to camp as a child! I attended summer camp in Michigan, so flying from Southern California to Michigan was always a special treat.

I would have my mother book my flights at 6 a.m. (why did she ever agree to this? Crazy lady! Even crazier child I suppose!). LAX was two hours away, so we would have to leave the house at 3:00 am to make my flight.

Other tradititions–  we would always stop for coffee on the way to LAX and I would play the license plate game on the way to the airport. My mother would give me a kiss goodbye at the gate and I’d have butterflies as I stepped on the plane for a summer adventure!

Of course, I had all my summer camp preparations squared away weeks before. I had my luggage packed, my friendship bracelet string, my stationary to write train letters (And letters home– I promise!), and a set of glitter pens. I was too excited!

We hope you are starting to get prepared for summer as the school year winds down! It is always the most exciting year for me! It is such an amazing process to see your child pack their bags for the first foray into independence. It is exciting! And nerve-wracking! But very exciting nonetheless!

Perhaps your child has those same butterflies in their stomach as they step foot on the plane before summer camp, or during the drive to Montecito.

Here at FullSport Academy, we get this! But we also hope that your child is inspired to step out of his or her comfort zone and have a transforming summer experience. We want them to be able to adapt– to new sports, new foods, new friends, a totally new environment!

Get ready for a great summer :)!


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