Travel Plans? We have you covered!

Traveling as an unaccompanied minor can be a new experience for campers. But we have you covered!

For our campers coming from out of state, we have FullSport Academy counselors meet your child at the gate, and a FullSport Academy van to transport campers to our Westmont College.

We want to make the transportation process as seamless and efficient as possible– and we hope you find this to be true! Here are a few ways we work to make this possible:

  1. We have families fill out a transportation form– which details how each individual camper will be arriving to FullSport Academy.
  2. Kelley, Ixchel, or Flo will work with you to arrange flight times for our campers who come from out of the United States.
  3. Our counselors pickup all unaccompanied minors at their gate– and are easily identifiable by our FullSport Academy shirt.
  4. Our vans transport campers to camp, facilitating new friendships on the van ride back to campus (This is often one of the lasting memories campers have!).
  5. FullSport Academy Directors and can be reached at any time for flight confirmations, and you will be notified upon takeoff on your child’s plane flight home after camp ends.

We at FullSport Academy hope that our directors, counselors, and parents work to make your camper’s experience the best one possible.




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