Summer Camp: Early Bird Registration


We are approaching September in all it’s glory and grandeur – falling leaves, our campers are starting the fall term, and we are planning for next year!

Kelley and myself have been meticulously investigating how better we can incorporate the Santa Barbara lifestyle into summer camp. Runs along Butterfly and Miramar Beach in the morning?! Late night soccer games? All camp tag? We are planning, planning, planning away! It is all so very exciting and that is why we are bringing back Early Bird Registration!

kids-on-stand-ups-santa-barbara-united-states+13423693753-tpfil02aw-22990We want to be able to prepare our agenda in advance for our campers, so that this experience is one they are able to relay to you; to expand upon wholly, and to remember with joy and nostalgia, the friends, food, and family at FullSport Academy.


We hope to have a great turnout for Summer 2017. Please let us know if you have any questions; we look forward to getting to know you and your camper!

All the best,



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