The Importance of Asking Questions


There’s no doubt that the Information Age has provided us with KNOWING.  Lists of step by step instructions, demo videos, and “how to” illustrations pour through our screen devices. All the answers can usually be found within a few clicks on the google search bar.  While I am certainly a fan of independent online research, I also understand that engaging with others is valuable beyond measure!

At FullSport Academy, we are building a camp community.  We are excited to learn about our campers and their families.  We want to hear what is important and answer your questions.

Let’s connect!  Listed below are questions we have for you!  Please feel free to reply in the text box and let us get to know you.  We look forward to hearing any inquiries you may have about our program, staff, or facilities.  And absolutely, give us a call as we head toward Summer 2017!

Thank you!

What is a typical daily schedule for your child?
Is your child coming with friends to camp?
What motivates your child?
What are you looking forward to at camp?
Have you been to camp before?

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