Staff FAQs

What is the training process like at FullSport Academy?
We provide a 5 day orientation program, which is mandatory for all Staff to attend. During that time, counselors engage in activities that build community with coworkers. Training also includes various exercises that teach how to positively impact campers at FullSport Academy. All counselors will receive CPR training and certification.

What sort of weather should I expect at FullSport Academy?
Montecito temperatures vary due to its temperate climate. Usually weather is in the 70’s-80’s throughout the summer. There are little to no rainy days at camp, which allows for maximum outdoor activity time and plenty of California sunshine.

How old are the children attending FullSport Academy?
Campers range from the ages of 9 to 16 years of age.

What are the cabins like?
Campers and counselors alike live in Westmont College Dorms. FullSport Academy will occupy Page and Van Kampen Halls.  These dorms feature personal closets, dressers, and bathrooms. Counselors share rooms with other counselors; campers share rooms with 1 or 2 other campers.

The large, sunny courtyard of Van Kampen features palm trees, benches, and lawns. The courtyard and second-floor balcony provide a central place for campers to gather. The bright, airy rooms are the largest on campus, measuring about 12-by-16 feet. Eighteen four-room suites open to the central courtyard. All the rooms are triple occupancy.

Page’s traditional layout, in which all the rooms open to a long, central hallway, offers many opportunities for campers to meet others and forge new friendships. Rooms occupy the second and third floors of the building, and many offer pleasant views of the ocean and adjacent hillsides.

If I come with friends, will we be able to get the same time off?
We love to accommodate friends who chose to work at FullSport Academy. However, providing the best experience for our campers is our priority; therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same off days as your friend(s).

What do staff members do on their time off?
Staff members typically go out in large groups to dinner or movies in the Santa Barbara area. There are a number of unique places to see, and staff are free to explore the local hot spots on their days off.

If there is a special event that I have to attend, will FullSport Academy be able to accommodate this?
We hope to accommodate any special events for our counselors. It is imperative to notify FullSport Academy Directors during the hiring process so that we can schedule accordingly. We understand that events may arise, but it is our highest priority to provide an exceptional summer for our campers. Adjustments to the summer schedule are at the Director’s discretion.

Is there a cell phone policy for counselors at FullSport Academy?
Staff members are allowed to bring their electronics to camp. However, it must be noted that during all activities, staff members must have their cell phones concealed. Campers will never be allowed to use counselor’s electronics; they are for staff use only.