Sportsmanship & Youth Independence


Today, I wanted to talk about two different things: the Draymond Green sportsmanship argument in the NBA playoffs, and how this applies to campers.



The transition from day camp to sleepaway camp can be a new experience for campers and parents alike. Your son or daughter gone for one week? Two? THREE weeks?

Incomprehensible! But this short vacation for campers and their families serves a much larger purpose too! And all too soon, the spring drifts into summer and you are driving your son or daughter up to their summer camp.


For campers, it allows them to experience some sense of self- autonomy and discipline. This is important in our young people’s lives– to explore life outside the home in a safe environment.

For parents, it gives time to reflect, time to plan, and an opportunity to support your child as they form new friendships, find new hobbies, and form a more global understanding of the world we live in.

So as the school year winds up, and your child looks ahead eagerly to warmer weather, it’s important to think about what kind of people we are raising? I am certain that you, in your families have great talks about how to treat others, how to be a kinder, better person. We at FullSport Academy, believe that camp allows your child to live out these ideals.

So– Draymond Green then! How does this relate to your child and summer camp? As many of you know, during yesterday’s Oklahoma City Thunder v. Golden State Warriors game, GSW player Draymond Green kicked player Steven Adams in the playoff game. This little action has ignited a firestorm of comments on whether Draymond Green should be suspended for the “accidental” kick.

Was it intentional? Was it a move made with integrity? That we cannot say– but we encourage our players and our campers to play sports cleanly and efficiently. Players like Draymond and Steve inspire our youth to play sports competitively and professionally– but they also need direct guidance in how to conduct themselves with leadership and honesty.


We hope you do too.


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