Screen-Free Summer? We think a break from technology is necessary!

Wake up, check the phone. Text a friend before you brush your teeth, text a friend while you’re brushing your teeth. Log on to the computer to play Pandora while getting ready for school. Texting on the bus on the way to school.

Maybe the school uses laptops? Texting during snack and at lunch. Text text text! After school hop on the Xbox or Playstation. Video games before dinner, that show they HAVE to watch after dinner. Texting the whole time. Texting in the car, texting while talking. We need a break from the screens!

Studies have shown that kids who take a break from screens perform better on tests, are more alert, and value physical fitness more. NPR recently put out a great article showing that kids spend more time consuming electronic media than they do at school!

What is the answer to this? Unplugging your child can have lifelong benefits. We want to see your child’s face light up instead of the iPad. We want your child to run faster than Mario & Luigi. We want your child to find passion in creating relationships with other campers, to be excited to wake up in the morning for the new day, and to value life outside of the realistic games on the screen.

To counter this reliance on screen based experiences, we designed a program to appeal to the senses.

To see themselves improve in just a few short weeks.

To hear their counselors and coaches cheer for them, root for their progress, and understand the power of words.

To smell the mountain air of southern California and beaches of Santa Barbara.

To taste the sense of victory hard work can result in (and the delicious food Westmont College prepares for us)!

To touch each other’s hearts in a new way, and high five each other after a hard game.

Let’s work together in creating a summer to remember, an experiential foray into sports and cooperation; taking leadership seriously, understanding the fundamentals of endurance based snacks. Let’s do this together.


Happy Monday!



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