Ocean Sports

Stand Up Paddleboard/ Surf/ Beach Front Fitness

Our ONE OF A KIND Ocean Sports Program is designed specifically for all levels of participation.  From beginner to expert, campers will have the opportunity to advance and enjoy their skills each day in the waters of the Pacific Ocean!  Under the supervision of skilled surf and Stand-Up Paddleboard  instructors, FullSport Academy campers will paddle out for a learning adventure.  Also offered as part of our Ocean Sports Program is Beach Front Fitness. In this class, a certified trainer leads campers in various exercises which includes a daily run on the beach.  Campers enrolled in this program combine two sports periods of the daily activities for travel time and excursion.  All campers are required to wear a life vest flotation device during ocean sports lessons.

Choose one option of the Ocean Sports Program per session:

Stand Up Paddleboard Surf Beach Front Fitness
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