Lifestyle Learning

Lifestyle Learning 2Our Lifestyle Learning Program is a midday activities period following rest hour, that offers a restful break out of the afternoon sun.  All campers’ schedules will include a rotation of instruction in three areas:

  • Culinary Snack Science

Culinary Snack Science offers nutrition education through preparing and sampling nutritious snacks with fellow campers and staff. During this hands on learning experience, campers are introduced to healthy eating habits and foods that enhance athletic endurance.  All snacks consist of organic and whole foods.

  • Stress Management Lifestyle Learning 1Technique/Yoga

Stress management technique is a must have in our fast paced world. Yoga offers campers an opportunity for relaxation and individual growth, as well as helping to build the physical abilities of all athletes. This dynamic workout helps prevent injuries and properly strengthens the body.

  • Leadership/Achievement Motivation

Achievement Motivation offers campers the guidance to become great leaders, work in unity with others, and learn the basics of success through encouragement.  Concepts such as consistency and learning from failure will be encouraged through challenge course type activities and problem solving in groups.