Care Packages: We LOVE them

Hello parents of campers!

We have gotten a lot of questions about one of our favorite topics: care postal-32383_960_720packages. And we at FullSport Academy have this to say about them: WE LOVE CARE PACKAGES!


For new families asking themselves *what is a care package?*; Fear not! We will tell you!


Per Wikipedia, The CARE Package was the original unit of aid distributed by the humanitarian organization CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere). Although “CARE Package” is a registered trademark,[1] the term has since[2] been widely adopted as a generic term for a parcel of food or supplies sent for relief or comfort purposes.

But care packages have been a staple of camp since, well, camps first started!

First I want to tell you a short story about my own horrific experience with care packages. My mother is, was, and will be forever, a health nut (a characteristic she has passed down to me as well!). Of course, during my time at camp, she was worried if I had enough to eat, and when she received a letter requesting a care package, she was more than happy to send one! So what did she send?

She promptly went out to Trader Joe’s to buy MISO SOUP PACKETS, A box of liquid CHAI, and a bag of CARROTS! First, we weren’t even allowed to have food in our tents. Beyond that, what was I supposed to do with the instant miso soup packets late at night! Lick them? And the Chai? that had to be mixed with milk and heated! The carrots were half rotten by the time the package made it form California to Michigan. My goodness!

Parents: Take note! Do NOT send instant miso soup, boxes of liquid chai, or bags of fresh carrots.


So, then,  what goes in a summer camp care package? Well, here are a few great ideas to get you started.

  • Handwritten notes (one for each day!)
  • A book for them to read during rest hour.
  • Disposable cameras
  • Small snacks if they have a special diet :) (no candy!)
  • Friendship bracelets
  • magic-cube-5660_960_720Rubik’s cube (super popular– and they will love to show you!)
  • A journal for them to recount their day
  • Madlibs books
  • Playing cards
  • Stationary & pens




Care packages make the camp experience that much special– and in this digital age, gives support to your child!

Hope you’re having a great day! Happy Tuesday!



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