What is the enrollment?
Each summer, FullSport Academy welcomes three coed sessions of 150 boys and girls to expand their sportsmanship capabilities. Each session is two weeks long.  Campers may register for multiple sessions.

What is Intramural Camp Competition?
During each session, FullSport Academy features a weekly team sports competition. Campers from each of the three “divisions” earn points by incorporating camp values into various games and spirited activities. Bears, Condors, and Sea Lions (representing species in the state of California) are the FullSport Academy teams that rival each other by developing strategies and showing enthusiasm! Winners of the intramural events competition will be rewarded during our closing ceremony with complimentary FullSport Academy apparel items.

What if my child does not like the activities that he/she is enrolled in?
Campers are given the opportunity to put in a “Request to change” their schedules after the first week of instruction. A form will be given to those that wish to change their activities after dinner on the first Thursday evening of every session. The new schedule will take effect the following Monday, and continue for the remainder of the camp session.

Am I allowed to send care packages to my child?
Of course! Friends and family are more than welcome to send care packages to campers during their stay at FullSport Academy. We encourage a limit of 2-3 per session, if parents do choose to send care packages. On that note, we would like to remind parents that campers do have 3 meals a day in addition to snacks, so if possible, refrain from sending food items.  Care packages should be addressed as follows:

Westmont College – Attn: Full Sports Academy
“Child’s Name”
955 La Paz Rd
Santa Barbara; CA, 93108.

How do campers arrive at FullSport Academy?
We work individually with parents to ensure all transportation needs are met. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) are the designated airports for scheduling flights. FullSport Academy will arrange for airport pickup and dropoff through our Transportation Request Form.

We understand the importance of camper safety during arrival and departure days. A FullSport Academy counselor will meet your child at the gate and your child will be driven in a camp van with other campers to our Montecito location. If you have any questions, a Director would be more than happy to speak with you regarding your child’s travel arrangements.

Will there be a visiting day at FullSport Academy?
We strive to provide an environment that encourages independence at FullSport Academy. We welcome friends and family on arrival/closing days only.

Will there be any sort of celebration for my child if they have a birthday during their camp session?
Yes! We know this is a very special day for your child, and he/she will be able to call home on their birthday. Additionally, FullSport Academy celebrates with a song at dinner, and birthday cupcake for your child and their roommate after the evening activity.

Are there religious services at FullSport Academy?
FullSport Academy embraces campers of all faiths. We do not provide any religious services during camp.

Do campers wear uniforms?
Campers wear regular sports attire for daily activities. We provide each camper with a FullSport Academy spirit wear t-shirt in addition to the intramural competition jersey, which are required to be worn on specific field trips and competitions. Parents can purchase additional apparel for their camper online or at our camp “store.”

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?
FullSport Academy seeks to provide campers with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the camp atmosphere, which means that campers will not be allowed to have their cell phones. On arrival day, we will collect campers’ cell phones as they check in, and will be returned at the end of your camper’s final session.

What types of evening activities will campers be doing?
There is an organized evening program each night so that campers get to know each other and can participate in an engaging activity to end their day. This program includes a variety of happenings… everything from “Sports Choice Night” to “FullSport’s Got Talent.”

Will campers be allowed to call home at any point during their stay?
Campers may only call home if they have a birthday during their stay at camp or in the case of an emergency.

What if my child has prescription medication?
When campers check in on arrival day, FullSport Academy Registered Nurses will receive all medications and distribute each day as prescribed.

Will campers be able to send mail or emails?
While there will be no access to electronic mail for campers at FullSport Academy, the on-campus post office allows for campers to easily send and receive snail mail while they’re at camp.

What if my camper gets injured or sick while at camp?
The nursing staff at FullSport Academy provides the necessary medical attention campers may need. If the issue is more serious than the nursing staff can accommodate for, campers will be taken to a local doctor or emergency room if needed. In this case, parents will be notified immediately.

What are the accommodations like for campers at FullSport Academy?
The dorm room facilities at Westmont College provide campers with an exceptional residential experience during their stay at camp. They will share a private room with one or two other campers. FullSport Academy will occupy Page and Van Kampen Halls.

Page’s traditional layout, in which all the rooms open to a long, central hallway, offers many opportunities for campers to meet others and forge new friendships. Rooms occupy the second and third floors of the building, and many offer pleasant views of the ocean and adjacent hillsides.

The large, sunny courtyard of Van Kampen features palm trees, benches, and lawns. The courtyard and second-floor balcony provide a central place for campers to gather. The bright, airy rooms are the largest on campus, measuring about 12-by-16 feet. Eighteen four-room suites open to the central courtyard. All the rooms are triple occupancy.

What are the dining services at FullSport Academy?
Finding your favorite foods at camp is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and original menu selections.

Our cafeteria features a wide selection of fresh entrees available at 6 unique stations, a fresh salad/deli bar, and a delectable dessert section. Local produce is included whenever possible.

Will there be any off-site field trips?
Sundays are field trip days! On the first Sunday of each session, campers are able to experience a special outing in the Santa Barbara area. Outings may include local blueberry picking, a visit to the farmer’s market, or a trip to another local venue.

Are there laundry services available?
Yes, laundry facilities are available on site. Information regarding purchasing laundry credits will be available at check-in.